Foundation Protection

Don’t Take a Chance with the Foundation of Your Pole Building!

The foundation of pole buildings are the wood poles/posts.

These posts are pressure treated solid, glue-laminated, or nail laminated columns. Skirt boards are pressure treated as well.

Although posts and skirt boards are treated, soil contact, concrete contact, moisture, insects, etc, can lead to decay or rot. Delmarva Pole Buildings’ Foundation Protection option delivers a simple, affordable, & effective “barrier system” for the posts and the skirt boards so that anything potentially harmful to those members, can never come in contact with them. It allows for typical post frame construction techniques while achieving a far superior wood foundation.

Help guarantee that your structure will serve as a landmark for years to come. You guard against premature post decay resulting from moisture, insect infestation, animal waste, concrete encasement, varied soil types & inconsistent post quality with a Post Protector.

This is the perfect complement to the Post Protector! It not only protects your skirt-board but also gives your building a neat, “finished” look. Your exterior finish material is simply installed over Skirt-Board Protector. It’s color matched to the Post Protector and is made of the same flexible, strong, & long lasting HDPE material. Easily clips over the bottom edge of your skirt-board to protect against soil contact, decay and UV degradation.

Post Protector and Skirt Board Protectors eliminate the most common concern with pole buildings – post and skirt board longevity. This is why if you purchase a Delmarva Pole Building with Post Protectors and Skirt Board Protectors, your building will come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.