Customer Profile – Centreville, MD

Dan Brown – 24x24x10 – Centreville, MD

I wanted to get a pole building basically for what we wanted economically it was the best way to go. You get a lot for your money, and I heard a bunch of good things from people about them (the way they were built). So that was the main reason we decided to go with a pole building over a regular stick-frame garage. I wanted to go with Delmarva because I just felt most comfortable with them, the sales-type process, getting the estimates, talking to different people there, and again I had heard good things about them, just kind of through the grapevine from people, that they were good to work with so, it’ kind of why we went with them. It’s mainly a garage so we put two cars in it pretty much all year long, and for storage and things like that, we have a lot of stuff in it. But that is what it’s basically used for. We were thinking about doing the metal siding, but my wife really wanted to try and match it up with the house and I’m glad we did that. We actually had extra siding leftover from when we built the house and they were able to match it right up with what I had. The overall building process was awesome, really smooth, everybody started on time, finished on time, you know you had different processes the framing, the concrete the garage door people. Everybody was here when they said they were going to be here. There weren’t really any problems at all, any minor problems that we had were fixed right away. So, it was great, no problems at all. My name is Dan Brown and I love my Delmarva Building.

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