Customer Profile – Clarksboro, NJ

Frank Wertz – 24x48x10 – Clarksboro, NJ

I originally had a 2 car garage here that was an older structure, decided that we wanted something bigger, and wanted to go with a pole barn. We went around to quite a few different companies and finally landed in Delmarva. We had Karen Evins come out and start giving us some guidance on what to do, sizing, and things like that, and we went from there. Karen was great at working with me, leading me through the process of picking out colors, I was very undecided on colors I wanted something that matched my house and with what I had already, I wanted something that didn’t overpower it either. Once we got that all settled, we moved forward and I started working with Stephanie and started working on the timing process when things would get delivered when things would start with construction to the finished product, and final inspections. I’ve got to say everything was delivered on time when it was supposed to be delivered, everything was in good condition when it was delivered, didn’t have anything that was defective, broken, damaged, or anything like that. The crew was great to work with, always on time, always very courteous with me. I had actually taken a couple days off of work to watch the process. I would absolutely recommend Delmarva; I have already recommended them to a couple of my friends who have already bought buildings. I love my Delmarva Building.

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