Customer Profile – Mardela Springs, MD

Josh Mason – Wildflower Estate
Wedding Venue – Mardela Springs, MD

My name is Josh Mason, owner of Wildflower Estate and we are a boutique venue, which essentially translates into small. We built our venue for weddings and events similar to rehearsal dinners, baby showers, birthdays (the more intimate groups). We felt like there was a gap in the market… there are a lot of larger venues that are gorgeous, a lot of great amenities, but there was nothing that would accommodate a smaller group and still feel warm and cozy when you get into space, so that’s why we built this place and it’s been awesome. I wanted to get a pole building because it was both economical, and it was a speedy build, but most importantly the longevity. We think that’s really important. We plan on being here for a while and so we certainly love our pole building. The people I worked with at Delmarva Buildings were awesome, they were all incredible to work with. Definitely customer service oriented. I don’t remember all of their names, but my salesman was Stephan Beachy, great guy, so if you’re looking for a pole building give him a shout. And everything start to finish was just very fluid, there was so much flexibility in the build process, we were able to make changes, I’m a very indecisive person, so you know we started with a plan and made a lot of left turns and right turns so I changed my mind a lot, and they were just incredible and very welcoming to those changes which were awesome. The build team that we had was great I made sure I poked my head out here quite a bit, just to see the progress we were super excited, and they were all awesome. They paid attention to detail, which was super important to me, and again super accommodating when it came to all of the annoying changes I had to make throughout the way.

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