Many Applications, Endless Possibilities

“What would you do with a pole building if you had one?”

We recently asked folks at a local event that simple question.

Below are the unedited responses which will give you an idea of the versatility of pole buildings:

  • Hobbies
  • Garage
  • To just chill
  • Storage
  • Farm equipment
  • My husband
  • Utility Shed
  • Workshop
  • Mancave
  • Barn for horses on our ten acres
  • Farming supplies
  • A carpentry shop for my husband
  • Store all tools and projects and lawnmower
  • Storage for all my husband’s tools
  • Storing my RV
  • Farm Animals and storage
  • Put our camper, boat, trailer, and a car
  • Stuff
  • Antique car
  • Store my motorcycle
  • Horse Barn and hay storage
  • Raising rabbits and 2 dog kennels
  • Workshop for my husband to build all my DIY projects
  • Store his grill and tools
  • Use it as a work area and lounge
  • Build my mother’s house high enough that another superstorm will not destroy it
  • Horse barn
  • Racecar
  • Indoor batting cage
  • My motorcycle and tractor
  • Storing son’s racecar
  • Use it for my fiancée to do his auto repair work!
  • Racecar shop
  • Equestrian/Farm animal housing
  • Storage of hay/straw and machinery
  • For a home gym and a place to store our motorcycle
  • I’m trying to get my wife to buy one
  • Poultry
  • My husband’s man cave he has wanted for 20 years.
  • Store A LOT of stuff!
  • Storing a camper and the motorcycles
  • Hold our tractors
  • Hay
  • Husbands junk 🙂
  • Utilize it as a large shed and home gym
  • Storage/rec room for practicing sports with kids
  • Large garage for my dad and his old cars to keep safe
  • Woodshop and lawn equipment storage
  • For my photography business
  • Boats and hunting things
  • Indoor equine riding arena
  • Shed
  • Agriculture use
  • Storage for my old cars
  • Put EVERYTHING in it.
  • I want a little bar and room for the cars, love your pole buildings!
  • Garage, man cave, workshop
  • Storage for kids toys
  • Lawn and garden storage, ATV, classic car
  • Lawn equipment and tool storage for my business
  • I would park my car in it!
  • Garage with a living suite
  • Indoor playground for my daycare
  • A workshop for my husband
  • For extra storage, patio furniture, and lawn equipment.
  • Store all my extra STUFF in
  • Awesome craft space
  • Use for tractors and a hunting shack.
  • I would put all my crap in it!
  • Doghouse for the husband
  • Hide my new Tardis in it!!!

Do any of these give you any ideas?

Maybe it’s time for you to finally get that pole building that you’ve wanted for a long time!

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