To Break Up the Colors, Change the Color of the Lower Three Feet of the Exterior Walls

It uses an alternate siding panel (steel or stone) to cover the lower approximately three feet of the exterior walls.

The most common application, with steel sided buildings, is to use a different color steel panel on the lower wall than the upper, this makes it more aesthetically pleasing and a look that many of our customers like.


A nice function of wainscoting on your pole building is that it allows the ability to quickly and easily change out a short steel panel in the event it becomes damaged.

Versetta Stone

Brings new life to traditional stone walls by simplifying the installation process.

It’s mortarless, panelized design can easily be installed by a siding contractor or carpenter with screws or nails. This opens up an entirely new world of design possibilities for exterior and interior applications, allowing the natural look of stone in unexpected places.

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