Site Prep & Land Clearing

Site Preparation is an Important Procedure to all our Building Projects

Eliminating brush, cutting trees and removing stumps are necessary to prepare the land in order for your project to go correctly.

Proper site preparation costs a little more upfront but saves you money and headaches in the long run.

What the Customer is Responsible For:
  • Tree Removal
  • Demolition and Hauling Away
  • Land Clearing – We ask customers to allow for clear access around the perimeter of the building pad with a proper drive to the site to allow for heavy equipment during construction.
  • Marking Building Corners – It is also the customer’s responsibility to place a stake at the four corners of your proposed building before the pre-construction site visit occurs. Although Delmarva Buildings can assist in pointing you in the right direction and advising on what needs to be done, the customer is ultimately responsible to know where on their property the building is to be located. The customer is to then direct us in the placement of the stakes indicating that location.
  • Landscaping and Drainage – Exterior landscaping (leveling, seeding, soil stabilization, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer. No swale will be installed around building.
What We Offer and Our Procedures:

Concrete Prep

Preparation of the site for concrete. Concrete prep is needed in order to prepare your building for concrete. It is done after the construction of the pole building is finished.

  • Any vegetation in the top 4”-6” will be removed from the building site. Select fill will be brought in to bring the site up to the proper elevation and level to within 1” of grade (Bldg. Interior).
  • The cost of the fill dirt is not included in the Concrete Prep price.*
  • Any excess fill dirt will be left on the job site, in neat piles.
  • If the job site is too wet to be excavated or to have concrete poured, Delmarva Buildings at its discretion will need to wait until the site is dry enough to proceed and the crew can be rescheduled.

* The cost of the fill dirt is not included in the Concrete Prep price and will be invoiced separately. We charge per load of dirt and the amount of loads needed is not known definitively until Concrete Prep has begun.