The Building Process

Keeping You Informed So There are No Surprises

Sign Contract & Complete Closing Packet

Congratulations! You have made the smart decision and chosen Delmarva Buildings for your building project.

The items below will need to be done the day of signing:

  • Sign Contract
  • Complete “What to Expect” Form and the Rest of the Closing Packet
  • Give Building Down Payment and Plot Plan Details to Building Consultant
Approve Drawings

After all, paperwork is signed and the deposit is received, the permit preparation phase begins.

Next, we will have drawings made and sent to you for approval. The CAD drawings will show floor-plan and elevations and a cross section. If you want any changes, this is the perfect time to request them. This will be part of the packet that will be submitted to your County when we apply for the permit.

Submit for Permit

Once drawings are approved, we will submit paperwork to your county and/or local municipality to obtain permit to build your building.

The process normally takes 1-3 weeks. This does not count special approvals if they are needed.

NOTE: If you decided to pull your own permit, you will submit for permit at this time. We will give you the drawings and stamped truss specs to include with your application.

Permit Received/Tentative Start Date

We are on our way! Now that we have your permit, we can schedule a tentative start date for your project.

A tentative start date is our estimated start to your project based on current weather and build times. While your project is in the building cue, we will begin to order material and trusses for your building.

Pre-Construction Site Visit Scheduled

After your permit is received and we have set a tentative start date to begin construction of your building, we will then schedule a Pre-Construction (pre-con) site visit with you.

All precons are scheduled 2-4 weeks before we start a project.

What will be determined in the precon:

  • Floor height of the building.
  • Material delivery location
  • Ensuring customer has stakes in the ground to identify the corners of the building and over all location.

NOTE: Stakes MUST be in the ground by the time we come to your property. If they are not, it may delay the start of your building.

Breaking Ground

Construction Begins!

  • Firm project start date will be determined.
  • Crew will arrive on the start date and begin your building.

NOTE: Your lumber payment is due before we start your project. This information is in the contract and an email reminder will be sent prior to when the payment is due to notify you to have payment ready. If your lumber payment is not received, we cannot start your project.

Framing Complete

The crew constructing your building will complete the framing, and install the roof and siding of the building – this is now a completed shell.

When the shell is complete the framing crew will depart, and we are ready to move on with other installs like, concrete, overhead doors, gutters, electric etc.

Quality Control

After the shell is up we will have a quality check on the building – there is not a specific timeline for the QC check – but our goal is to complete as soon as possible.

QC Check Includes:

  • Check on installation of entry doors and windows.
  • Check framing, sides and roof covering for correct installation.
  • Pick up left over materials.

If you (the customer) would like to be onsite for this, you can contact the construction department and receive the scheduled date.

Electric Pre-Con Meeting

If you are having electric installed by us in your building we will schedule the electrician to meet with you and go over the work that is to be completed.

Shortly after this meeting occurs, the electrical work can be done.

Concrete Installation

Concrete will be scheduled to be installed as soon as possible after the building shell is done.

There are many factors that might effect this schedule, including:

  • Weather, frost, rain (Concrete cannot be poured if the ground is too wet or too cold)
  • If electric/plumbing was included in your building, there is additional work that needs to be done prior to the concrete installation.
Additional Building Options

If you have chosen other options to be installed by us, then these will be scheduled to be done as soon as we are able, and in accordance to the order with which installations can be installed during the building process.

These Additional Options Could Include:

  • Gutters
  • Stairs
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Interior work
Garage Door(s) Installation

Once the concrete is installed in your building, we are ready to install your overhead doors! This will be scheduled in as timely a manner as possible.



Finished!!! Your building is complete and now you can enjoy it for years to come!

When your project is done you will receive an email with a letter confirming completion. Your final payment is due when project is complete.