What’s So Great About Pole Buildings?

They are called Pole Buildings, Pole Barns, Pole Sheds, depending on what part of the country you are in. We call them Pole Buildings because that’s what they are. They are structures where the foundation is a series of poles rather than a slab or block. These structures are not just barns anymore either. The […]

Many Applications, Endless Possibilities

“What would you do with a pole building if you had one?” We recently asked folks at a local event that simple question. Below are the unedited responses which will give you an idea of the versatility of pole buildings: Hobbies Garage To just chill Storage Farm equipment My husband Utility Shed Workshop Mancave Barn […]

A Brief History of Pole Buildings

The post-frame construction industry has grown steadily in North America, gaining more and more widespread application in the past 100 years. Yet, many people still wonder, “what is post-frame construction? or what is a pole building?” Post-frame buildings are structurally efficient buildings composed primarily of, trusses, purlins, girts, bracing, and sheathing. The primary element of […]