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The Best Value Per Square Foot

Pole Buildings Offer the Best Value Per Square Foot of Any Framing Method!

Whether it’s a garage for cars or trucks, a secure storage structure for boats, snowmobile or gardening tools, a handy home workshop, a comfortable vacation cottage, even an attractive year-round home, pole buildings (post-frame) construction is our preferred method of framing the building.

With a pole building, you can make anything you imagine a reality. Pole buildings offer a good dollar value and quality along with ease of installation. Pole buildings have more lumber than traditional frame but it takes less labor to construct the building shell. Basic models of pole buildings meet most Building Codes without upgrades or additional costs. This is a good framing method if you’ll be finishing the interior or want additional features such as a Lean-to, Porch or Horse Stalls. There are countless applications for pole buildings and the possibilities are endless!

Our pole building materials are designed to be of the highest quality to last over the years. The standard for our pole buildings include setting the posts 8’ on center (o.c.) and trusses 4′ o.c., however, we can customize the plans depending on your needs. Post frame is our preferred method of construction and it is also recommended for “Do it yourself” customers.

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