What Is a Pole Building?

Pole buildings, also referred to as “post-frame constructions,” are an innovative and cost-effective construction approach that utilizes prefabricated panels to produce a building that is both sturdy and easy to install. Pole buildings are incredibly advantageous in the way that they eliminate a large amount of resources typically required to construct buildings of similar size and durability. In fact, one of the most prominent uses of pole buildings was during the height of World War II, when the United States Government enacted a restriction on barn construction projects. Under this restriction, new barn construction projects were limited to a maximum of $1,500, and this limitation prompted many Americans to try post-frame constructions in lieu of more traditional construction approaches.

Post-frame construction, as noted above, eliminates up to two-thirds of the materials required to construct a new building, and this innovative construction approach quickly became popular in residential and commercial areas alike. In fact, in 1953, Doane Agricultural Service obtained a patent for their post-frame construction design, but rather than keeping the design to themselves, they spread the information around the United States and made their post-frame construction designs available to anyone who was interested. The most common post-frame constructions include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential
    • Garages, pool houses, boat shacks, home businesses, game rooms, and entertainment spaces are common residential pole building projects
  • Commercial
    • Classrooms, storage buildings for auxiliary equipment and supplies, dog kennels, vehicle storage, and offices are common commercial pole building uses
      Other frequent pole building projects include:
    • Churches
    • Firehouses
    • Horse Barns
    • Community Centers

When home and business owners are considering a pole building for their next construction project, one of the most common concerns they have is how much their new building will cost. Financing a construction project of any size can quickly turn into a nightmare, even for the most well-funded businesses and homeowners. Each additional square foot of your building will add to your total costs once insulation, siding, and heating and cooling costs are factored in. Choosing post-frame construction for your next project will save you a significant amount of money up-front while providing you with superior support. Other advantages of post-frame construction include:

  • Location Flexibility
    • Uneven terrain can be a challenge for many construction projects, but one of the biggest advantages of post-frame construction is that it can accommodate virtually any kind of terrain. This benefit will save you or the construction team a significant amount of time and money when you’re able to avoid the typical ground-preparation steps that are required before beginning other construction projects.
  • Foundation Savings
    • Typical construction projects require a large amount of resources when it comes time to lay the foundation for the building. Construction teams, and budgets, are frequently bogged down by the amount of time and cement it takes to completely lay the foundation for a new building. Pole buildings, however, require concrete only at the base of some of the foundational poles, and this substantially reduces the costs of the project.
  • Reliability
    • Pole buildings offer superior structural support due to their simple but effective frames. Unlike other construction methods, pole buildings can be built virtually as wide as you would like without compromising their ability to handle loads of snow and ice. To summarize this point in a slogan: pole buildings provide more structural stability while using fewer materials during the construction process.


Post-frame construction has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last 100 years, and at Delmarva Pole Building Supply, Inc., our mission is to improve on the time-tested pole building approach that revolutionized the agricultural and residential construction industries. We’re proud to provide Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware with custom pole building packages, and we provide do-it-yourself custom pole building packages in Virginia, and Maryland. If you’re interested in utilizing the Delmarva Panel System for your next construction project, contact our friendly contractors today to get a quote! We provide a variety of financing options that will help you get the materials you need, exactly when you need them. The majority of our customers are approved within 24 hours, so don’t hesitate to take the first steps toward your next pole building project!

The Delmarva Panel System

Pole buildings using the Delmarva Panel System are more than your average pole buildings. When you utilize the Delmarva Panel System for your next construction project, you’ll be getting the most reliable prefabricated panels on the market. Traditional stick-frame buildings use a large number of nails, but our Delmarva Panel System allows you to complete your construction project without the use of any nails at all! Nails can become bent, broken, and less reliable over time, but the Delmarva Panel System will stay sturdy and structurally sound for years to come. Moreover, our panels are built in the United States, directly inside of our climate-controlled Wyoming, Delaware manufacturing facility. Many panels are built outdoors where they can easily become damaged and warped by the elements, but our panels are designed to be in impeccable condition from the moment they’re created.

Typical pole buildings utilize panels that distribute a weight load across the foundation, but our Delmarva Panel System is built to distribute weight not just across the foundation, but throughout the entire building. Where we do need to connect panels and trusses together, we utilize HeadLOK’s heavy-duty flathead wood screws. These screws require no pre-drilling, and they won’t become dislodged over time.

Pole Building Options in Virginia

Custom Pole Buildings

If you’re not comfortable with taking on a large construction project, or if you’re simply looking to save yourself the time and hassle of completing a construction project on your own, our custom pole building option will perfectly suit your needs. As soon as you reach out to our pole building contractors, we will assign a member of our team to help you determine the cost of your pole building. From the initial groundwork to the final product, you’ll be given an in-depth look at the total cost of your project. When applicable, our pole building contractors will offer you tips and advice for improving your project, ensuring that your get the most value for your money. In total, you can expect to discuss your building’s size, features, location, and intended use. This will give you all the information you need before moving on to the next steps. Our custom pole building service is available in Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Reach out to our Top-Rated Local® pole building experts today to get started!

DIY Pole Building Packages

If you’re the adventurous type who enjoys taking on a fun construction project, our do-it-yourself pole building kits are exactly what you need! Virtually anyone with basic construction knowledge and a standard tool kit can build what they need using our pole building technology. When you reach out to our Top-Rated Local® pole building contractors, we’ll determine everything that’s required for your project to be completed without a hitch, and at a price that you can afford.

Our custom do-it-yourself pole building packages are completely flexible, and they give you the freedom to customize virtually every aspect of your new pole building. Before you begin your project, consider if you’d like overhang or sliding doors, as this can substantially affect the overall design of your building. If you want big, open windows, our plans can accommodate them. If you’d like to add wide doors to accommodate large crowds, our custom designs can accommodate those as well.

When you purchase a do-it-yourself pole building package from Delmarva Pole Building Supply, Inc., you stand to gain all of the following benefits:

  • Faster build time
  • The Delmarva Panel System in our premium packages
  • Less time measuring and cutting materials
  • Fewer tools required to complete the job
  • Reduced risk of injury due to the simplistic structure
  • Less job site waste due to minimal materials being used

If you’re planning to purchase a do-it-yourself custom pole building kit from us, we’ll need several things from you, including:

  • Each of the components that will be going into your building will have to be picked up by you at our location. We understand that not everyone can make the trip to our facility, so we also allow you to arrange delivery from a freight company directly to your job site.
  • You’ll also need a building permit before you begin construction, and these are generally easy to obtain. Before you begin your project, it’s important to research any additional regulations or restrictions that your county or state may have in place.

With this knowledge in mind, Delmarva Pole Building Supply, Inc. can provide you with:

  • Concrete Pads, Floors, and Walkways
    • Our concrete work is priced separately, but you can rest assured that the quality of our concrete matches the quality our customers have come to expect from all of our services. Concrete floors are quickly becoming a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings alike, and furnishing your new pole building with concrete will last you for years to come.
  • Site Excavation
    • If you’d like us to excavate your build site and prepare the location for you, let us know before we finalize the contract. We’re more than happy to help you with this step in the process!

We offer warranties on both our work and our products to give you peace of mind. Payment in full for all materials is due upon signing the contract. We offer flexible financing options if you don’t want to pay for the project all at once.

About Delmarva Pole Buildings

Our Top-Rated Local® pole building company was founded in 2000 by Joseph Kramer. Joe was tired of dealing with construction companies, and pole building companies, specifically, that neglected the customer and were solely focused on their bottom lines. Joe decided to revolutionize the pole building industry by creating a company that not only prioritized excellent service, but one that also delivered a product that could outmatch the competition.

Since 2000, Delmarva Pole Buildings has increased from two members to 15, but we’ve stuck to the philosophy and dedication to our customers that Joe envisioned from day one. Our pole building company has been recognized by The National Framer Builders Association as the leader in post-frame construction around the Delmarva peninsula. The introduction of the Delmarva Panel System revolutionized the pole building industry, and our design plans have received accolades from construction teams and experienced industrial engineers alike. Our customers have come to know us as a company that produces the most reliable pole buildings you’ll find around Delmarva while providing each and every customer with the experience they deserve.

Whether you need a storage shed for agricultural equipment, a pole barn for your horses or animals, or a new office building for your growing business, our pole buildings will provide you with a beautiful structure that lasts for years to come. We’re proud to offer custom pole building packages in Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland, and we also provide custom do-it-yourself pole building kits in Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Contact our Top-Rated Local® pole building contractors today to get started!

If you need flexible financing, we’re more than happy to work with you to help you find a payment schedule that works for you. We’ve partnered with Admiral’s Bank to offer our clients financing options that are typically approved within 24 hours. Whether you need a fully financed project or you need to finance a small portion of your projects, Admiral’s Bank’s experts will be happy to help. While many home and business owners can be hesitant to opt for financing options, Admiral’s Bank provides services that won’t surprise you with hidden fees and other unexpected additional costs.

Interest schedules are as follows:

  • 5 Year Term: 4.95% – 5.695%
  • 7 Year Term: 5.95% – 7.50%
  • 10 Year Term: 6.495% – 8.125%
  • 15 Year Term: 6.75% – 8.50%
  • 20 Year Term: 6.95% – 8.875%

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