Why a Pole Building?

Post Frame Construction is Easier, Stronger, Faster, and Cheaper! What more could you ask for?

Pole buildings are constructed using the best method of construction, hands down.


Foundation SavingsFoundation costs usually exceed 15% of the total cost of construction for typical single-story construction. Pole buildings use posts as the framing member. The strength of posts buried 3 feet deep provides excellent lateral and vertical bearing strength.

Rather than pouring huge amounts of concrete accompanied by a large excavation project, the foundation for pole buildings are the holes that are drilled using a power auger, with posts on footers, and dirt or concrete backfill.



Truss Spacing – Properly engineered pole buildings often include wider truss spacing when compared to stick-built structures. With proper truss design, bracing, and connection details, trusses can span 4′ and further and support heavy snow loads and high wind gust conditions. The cost savings for open span buildings is significant.



Site Adaptability – For areas that are not flat, a conventional foundation would require earthmoving and grading to level the site. Pole buildings may require less site preparation than other forms of construction.

Rather than waste a prime location for your new building because of excavation issues, instead, build a pole building in a less desirable area since site contours are in some cases acceptable for post-frame construction.



Framing Posts and a header system support the weight of the building while 2×4 girts on 24” centers provide a framework to which plywood or painted steel can be attached.



Energy Efficiency – Post-frame buildings have fewer thermal breaks than conventional construction. Pole buildings with posts on 8′ or greater centers can be insulated better than a stick frame building with studs 16″ on center.



Structural Stability – A properly designed and constructed pole building can handle weather that would destroy conventional structures. A post embedded in the earth transmits lateral forces (wind loading) on the walls directly into the ground.

Structures supported by poles do not tend to collapse during a fire like the conventional wood framing on foundations do.



Versatility – Post-frame construction is ideal for dozens of building types including:


Barns, Garages, Utility buildings, RV Shelter, Cabins, Strip Malls, Banks, Gymnasiums, Retail Stores, Aircraft Hangars, Office Buildings, Home

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