Cupolas & Weathervanes

Set Your Pole Building Apart!

Sitting on the roof of your new building a decorative cupola and personalized weathervane can add a great finishing touch to your pole building.

The size of the cupola you choose should be in proportion with the size of your building.

Cupolas are available in three different sizes, measured by the square base:


• 2 feet (24” x 24”)

• 3 feet (36” x 36”)

• 4 feet (48” x 48”)


The best sizing is 1” of cupola equals 1’ of building. For example, a 24’ x 24’ building looks best with a 24” x 24” cupola, and so on.

Colors can be chosen for the four sections of your cupola. Roof, Corners (Corner Trim), Louvers (Main Body) and Base (Skirt) . When you purchase your building you will be able to choose the same colors for your cupola that are on the pole building, or you can choose to change things up a bit by incorporating a unique color scheme.


Having a weathervane atop the cupola is another available option. We have many weathervanes available, including horses, tractors, birds, wildlife and much more.