Commercial Buildings


Starting a New Business or Thinking About Moving Your Existing One to a New Location?

A Delmarva Building is the Logical and Economical Option for All Low-Rise Commercial Applications!

You can make it look as industrial or as polished as you’d like. Really, the sky’s the limit on what you can do with your Delmarva Building. Some examples of commercial buildings include self-storage units, stores or retail buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even churches or strip malls.

Your new building must reflect the character and image of your company and be attractive to your customers. Equally important, your building MUST “work”. This may include such features as inviting showrooms, efficient and pleasant working areas, comfortable offices, adequate storage space, as well as consideration for expansion as your business grows and prospers.

We work with your budget to meet as many of your needs as possible. Whether your choice is an office complex with individual cubicles and a lunch room, or a mix of office space and factory assembly space or a veterinary clinic with a waiting room, the options are endless.

A Delmarva Building can be used as an auto repair shop, golf club house and storage shed, shop with play areas for children and just about anything you can think of. In any building you can add amenities and facilities to make it as plush or as practical as you desire and as your budget allows.

We will not only guide you through the permitting process and will discuss and consider the many ways you plan to use your building to guarantee that on opening day, you will have the perfect building for your commercial venture.

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Commercial Buildings

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