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Excellent inquiry! Constructing a pole building entails a significant investment, and there are two key points to consider:

1) Wood that comes into contact with soil will inevitably undergo decay over time. However, the precise duration of this deterioration process remains uncertain.

2) Delmarva’s Foundation Protection System, on the other hand, eradicates any contact between the wood and the soil, effectively eliminating the potential for rot. By incorporating this Foundation Protection system, Delmarva Buildings provides a structural warranty that spans a lifetime.

Absolutely, that’s us! When you search for pole building companies with a heart logo, rest assured, it’s a direct path to Delmarva Buildings.

Wondering about the heart logo? It’s a representation of the passion and dedication we pour into every building project. We’re genuinely passionate about pole buildings, which is why our website proudly bears the name With close to a quarter-century of experience, we’ve been wholeheartedly constructing pole buildings and pole barns for nearly 25 years!

While you are not generally required by building codes to have an overhang on your building they are definitely a feature that we recommend for these three reasons:

1) It keeps the rain off your building and gives a mounting spot for gutters.
2) It looks better and gives your building more depth and dimension.
3) It gives you some rain protection when unlocking a door to enter the building.

Yes! We work with several lenders to try and facilitate financing solutions for our customers. However, the financing world is constantly adjusting and making changes, so it is difficult to know if we have a solution for your specific situation until we have more details about you and your project.

Over the years, the dimensions of truss spans have undergone transformations.   Pole barn constructors used to only go 50’ , then 60’ , then 80’ – but now we can build up to a 110’ clear span pole building!  Why has the size increased? Engineering, better wood materials, and customers looking to take advantage of post-frame construction has pushed the industry to continuously improve the capabilities.

At Delmarva Buildings, we have successfully integrated 100′ trusses into our architectural blueprints for many years and look forward to further improving the capabilities of post frame construction.

While we build every building to the custom specifications of our customer requests – there are a few sizes that are certainly the most popular:  24×32, 30×40,  40×60,  50×100, 80×100

You’ve posed a fantastic question, and the answer largely hinges on how you intend to utilize the building. At Delmarva Buildings, we maintain a practice of never spacing trusses more than 4 feet apart. Furthermore, in scenarios where the space is being prepared for finishing touches like drywall installation, we take an additional step by positioning trusses with a center-to-center distance of 2 feet. These spacing principles are rigorously adhered to in order to guarantee the highest level of quality when employing a truss and header system for your pole building installation.

Should the spacing between trusses exceed 4 feet, the potential risk of roof lines sagging becomes a real concern. This is a phenomenon that’s often observed in older structures that were erected decades ago – an image that you’ve probably encountered before.

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