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The Delmarva Difference


Delmarva Buildings was founded in 1999 and from the beginning, the founder had a vision for a new pole building company that placed an emphasis on the customer, coupled with quality pole buildings and superior service. For the last two decades, we have never wavered from that vision!

Because of this focus when the storms came with the ups and downs of the national economy, we remained steady and consistent, always delivering on our promise.

This mindset of Quality, Dedication, and Integrity which is embedded into our culture has fueled the company’s growth since its inception. These are the principles at the heart of our company and our employees. This is the way we do business and this is who we are!

For over 20 years, customers have partnered with the Delmarva family, knowing and trusting that we stand behind our products and service, during and after their pole building experience. With Delmarva, the difference is the trust we instill and uphold with EVERY client relationship. We are not perfect but we always strive to do the right thing and to do better than the last time. Our goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations…EVERY TIME!

With thousands of satisfied customers and thousands of buildings built, Delmarva’s track record and reputation has stood the test of time! But we are not done yet! The next 20 years will be better than the last. When you work with Delmarva Buildings, you work with family and we treat you like family. Let our family build for yours!

Price Match Guarantee

Delmarva Buildings WILL Match Any Price from Any Competitor for the Same Building!

When we have the same buildings priced side-by-side and they are priced apples-to-apples and spec-to-spec, we guarantee that the prices will align and that we’ll be able to match them.


Lifetime Structural Warranty

Protect your investment and choose Delmarva Buildings. We are so confident that the quality of our buildings is so superior, we will guarantee it forever!

Should any structural member fail it will be replaced at no cost or the original price of the failed member will be refunded. Pole buildings rely on wood post foundations. Posts and skirt boards are pressure treated but even though they are treated, soil contact, concrete contact, moisture, insects, etc, can lead to decay or rot. By eliminating soil-to-wood contact we protect your building against soil contact, decay, and UV degradation.

Our “Foundation Protection” option delivers a simple, affordable, & effective “barrier system” for the posts and the skirt boards so that anything potentially harmful to those members, can never come in contact with them. It allows for typical post-frame construction techniques while achieving a far superior wood foundation.

Choose the “Foundation Protection” option for your building and Delmarva Buildings will guarantee the structural integrity of your pole building forever!


5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Typically, most contractors and builders will warrant their work for one year.

Workmanship warranties are only as good as the intent and ability of the company to stand behind them. A better term for workmanship warranty is a warranty on the installation of the building. Who wants to deal with the hassle of contacting a manufacturer, especially if the product was never installed properly in the first place?

With Delmarva Buildings, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that we use the highest quality products AND our crews are trained to install them. We give you complete peace of mind, knowing that we stand behind our work with up to a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty on our buildings.

Our Metal

True Lifetime Steel Warranty

Our steel comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty. The first 45 years is a non-prorated warranty on the panels and then it’s prorated for the rest of its life. Warranty includes labor! Our partnership with Gold Standard Steel Co. is one that is focused on you!

Gold Standard Steel Co. has longevity, and stability and offers the highest quality materials in the market today!


26 Gauge Roof System (25% Thicker)

Every Delmarva Building comes with a “True” 29-gauge panel on the side walls and a much thicker 26-gauge on the roof.


Badger Block

Condensation & Sound Protection

Condensation and Sound Protection are added to the steel of your building in the form of a felt-like membrane. It’s better than bubble, scratch resistant, and reduces sound by 25%.



Interior Wall Protection

WallGuard+ is synonymous with building interior wall protection and offering flexibility and savings for the pole building owner.


The Delmarva Panel System

Pole buildings have come a long way in the last several decades.

There have been many improvements, like using screws for steel instead of nails. Using RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws instead of ring shank nails is another great improvement.

The Delmarva Panel System is a proprietary method of building the building’s frame with a series of easily installed pre-fabricated panels. These panels are built like trusses using metal plates. This makes them the strongest pole buildings anywhere and engineered to handle higher wind and snow loads. The Delmarva Panel System is available on all our Premium Model buildings.


Pella Windows

With a Lifetime Warranty

Every Delmarva Building comes with Pella Windows which have a Lifetime Warranty.

Garage Door Panel Lifetime Warranty

Every Delmarva Building comes with C.H.I. Garage Door Panels with a Lifetime Warranty.


An Extra Ordinary Experience with Unparalleled Service!

This is what we strive for in achieving with EVERY one of our customers!

We hold your hand through the entire process. When you come to us you will have a dedicated Building Consultant designated to you during the sales process and a Construction Coordinator during the building process. They will guide you, answer questions, manage expectations, and educate you. They will be your main point of contact.

It is of paramount importance to us to make sure our customers receive a quality pole building that is second to none, and at the same time enjoy a pleasant and clearly defined construction experience.

We want to give our customers the same quality and service we would want our own family to receive from a company. Our highest priority is to create an extraordinary experience for all of our customers. That experience begins long before you even talk to us. Right now you are reading this and are likely in the research and discovery phase of your dream project. You are searching for a company that will give you value AND service, not only during but also AFTER the sale. At Delmarva Buildings, we help you through every step of the building process. Our goal is not only to educate you on your best options but to also facilitate a process that allows you to choose the company that is right for you!

Reputation Has a Value!

Our prices are not the highest or the lowest.

We know that price will be a major factor in your buying decision but for many, it is not the only factor. For many people, Great Service, Quality of Materials, Company Stability, Customer Experience, Good Warranties, and Company Reputation are all taken into consideration when making a decision! At Delmarva Buildings, we provide fair and competitive pricing. We are confident in our company and guarantee our product as well as our pricing in any “apples-to-apples” comparison!

Trash Removal

We clean up the job site AFTER YOUR BUILDING IS FINISHED.

When reading this you might say, “well, you better”, but you may be surprised to know that most pole building companies do not practice this, or if they do, they charge extra for this service. Delmarva Buildings will pick up the trash, and clean up your job site at NO additional cost to YOU.

Maintenance Free Buildings

Metal, wood, doors, windows, the works! Composite doors are standard on your building. And WE stand behind our buildings!!!

Quality Control and Longevity

Through the ups and downs of the national economy, we have remained steady and consistent, always delivering on our promise.

Every building we build is vetted by us thoroughly, making sure that your building meets the highest industry standards as well as meets AND exceeds your expectations.
We build with pride and we will take care of you! Every building we construct is a badge of honor within our portfolio of completed projects. We understand this purchase may be one of the largest buying decisions you will make in your lifetime, and we will make you a proud owner of a Delmarva Building.

Join the thousands of happy owners who have already made this winning decision!
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