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Badger Block

Condensation Control & Sound Protection which keeps everything under your roof dry.

Badger Block is pre-applied to our 26 gauge metal panels which make up your buildings roof system and it can also be pre-applied to our 29 gauge steel panels which can be used on the side walls as well. It provides condensation control & sound protection which keeps everything under your roof dry.

Badger Block traps and holds moisture within its felt membrane. Once the temperature recedes back below dew point, it releases moisture back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

Badger Block maintains the aesthetics and structural elements of a metal roof while increasing protection and maximizing savings.

One of the defining properties for any building is keeping the contents safe from the elements. If condensation from your metal roof is causing the contents to be rained on, your structure is not providing this basic function. Badger Block condensation control membrane is a cost effective solution for preventing dripping caused by condensation.

Whether you are protecting livestock or equipment, Badger Block is a name that you can trust. Years of experience have helped us to develop an excellent product for keeping your shelter dry.

Advantages of using Badger Block

• Save Money – No need to insulate against condensation.
• Save Time – Arrives on the job site pre-installed on the panels.
• Easy to Clean – Spray with a hose or pressure washer.
• Durable – Adhered to the panel for lasting performance.
• Helps Prevent Corrosion – Another layer of protection in harsh environments.
• Selection – Available in two panel profiles.

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