Storing Your Farm Equipment Inside Keeps Your Investment Safe, Secure and Protected from the Elements

A Farm/Ag building from Delmarva Pole Buildings is an economical way to store your agricultural equipment!


Here are examples of the building applications:


• Storage for sprayers, loaders and tractors

• Equipment sheds

• Open bay garages for work trucks

• Hay and straw storage

• Workshops

• Barns

• Chicken Houses

• Livestock, Dairy, Produce


What kind of equipment do you have? How much room will you need to store your equipment?


A Delmarva Pole Building offers a range of flexible options in agricultural buildings to meet the evolving needs of today’s diverse farming community. They are budget friendly and most are easily constructed within days. Our buildings can be large or small. Insulated or not. Different post types. Post spacing options. And the list could go on. In some cases, you may want a combination of uses in one building. Our garage doors are insulated further protecting your equipment during harsh winters and severe snow storms. The point is that if you need it, Delmarva Pole Buildings can give it to you.


Growing plants or animals, storing equipment or feed, or you’re using it as a workshop or repair facility with or without a lunch area for your crew, your agricultural building can be uniquely built for your needs when you team up with our experienced team. Whether you’re growing herbs or packing blueberries, feeding chickens, making holiday wreaths or just keeping your bees happy…you get the point!

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