Price Match Guarantee


Well, first of all, not all pole buildings are created equal and not all quotes are apples-to-apples, even though they sometimes may look that way.

When we have the same buildings priced side-by-side and the are priced apples-to-apples and spec-to-spec, we guarantee that the prices will align and that we’ll be able to match them. Price Matching is about bringing the cost of the building down to a place that works for you as well as for us. It has to be a fair deal for both sides. There are many factors which impact price. One of them is the quality of materials used to build your building. We find that most of our competitors don’t use the same materials we use. This is why we ask to see the competitor quote so that we are able to make an accurate match. When we do we always find a way to match it, often reducing the grade of our standard high quality materials to match the material quality of the quote you are sharing with us.

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