Concrete is Not the Foundation of Your Pole Building

The poles of your pole building embedded into concrete backfilled holes in the ground become the foundation for your building.

Deciding whether or not you should get concrete on your pole building depends on budget and what you will use the pole building for. If you decide to get concrete on your pole building, you will need the ground prepped for concrete to be poured and you will also of-course need concrete. NOTE: These two items are separate when you are pricing/configuring your pole building on this website.

When you purchase concrete from Delmarva Pole Buildings, we install the following:

• 4” thick concrete slab in the interior of the building.

• (1) 4’ x 4’ x 4” service pad directly in front of the personnel (entry) door.

• Concrete apron in front of each overhead garage door.

NOTE: The aprons extend one foot (1’) on each side of the opening and are two feet (2’) wide. For example, if your overhead garage door opening is nine feet (9’) wide, the apron will be 2’ x 11’ x 4”. 

• The concrete is poured after the building is completed.  If you choose to put a concrete slab in your building you can do it yourself or have Delmarva Pole Buildings do it.

• Delmarva Pole Buildings uses a 2×8 pressure-treated skirt board around the base of the building. This is the form for the concrete slab. The bottom of the skirt board will be even with the bottom of your concrete floor. This is the reason concrete prep and concrete is done AFTER the building is erected.

• If you have an existing foundation or slab and want to use it for the building, it is easiest and cheapest to make your building 2’ wide & longer than the existing slab. You can also cut holes in or through your existing concrete for the posts. Situations like this are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.